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NEW – Body Reset Cleanse Food-to-Go!

TurnAroundMyHealth.com - Body Reset CleanseBody Reset Cleanse – 7 day Package

With our introduction of the TurnAroundMyHealth.com website and Body Reset Cleanse program we have heard the cries of our local friends, “please just cook it for me…”

You got it!

Package includes:
– 7 days of fresh food and beverages.
– Organic, plant based, gluten free dishes.
– Our protein rich, high fiber, alkaline diet plan is designed to cleanse the body, strengthen digestion and boost the immune system.
– You pick up 3 times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday at Full O’ Life Market in Burbank, CA.
– With your first order you will receive a handy .pdf booklet on healthy tips for optimal results.

This is no ordinary cleanse.
The amount of the food is surprising!

Eat lots of delicious whole foods and:
– melt fat and cellulite
– reduce bloating
– sleep better
– create an alkaline blood quality for better overall health

Body Reset Cleanse – 7 day Package
Order by Sunday at 5pm for the week’s package.

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“Making Life More Delicious” with Verne Varona – Tues. 25th 7pm

7th Element Services of Los Angeles
Invites You To An Evening Of Inspiration, Insight & Laughter


“Making Life More Delicious,
Bite by Bite” with Verne Varona


Evening Talk:
Tuesday, February 25th
7:15 — 9:45pm

Whole Food Nutrition – Creating A Diet To Fit Your Needs
Eliminating Cravings for Sugar, Overeating & Fatty Foods
Self-Diagnosis – Learning To Evaluate Our Health Before Problems Arise
Real News On Reversing and Preventing Degenerative Disease
Audience Q & A – Making It Personalized

The Philosophical Research Society
3910 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Attendance Limited:
$20 early registration
$25 at the door

OR telephone Jeanne to reserve your spot: 818-512-9195
Verne Varona has become known as one of the most captivating and dynamic health educators in the country. For forty years, his lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health. Verne’s appeal transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. A highly sought after speaker on health, fitness and motivation, Verne has become a renowned keynote speaker throughout the US and Europe with a captivating style that uses insight, humor and practical science to enrich the lives of many. His new book revision, “Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods, will be published in May, 2014 (Perigee Books). This will be his only Los Angeles visit during 2014.

macro for dummies - vernenatures cancer fighting foods - verne

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“Elements of Wellness” Natural Health Conference Pictures!

Elements of Wellness Conference Elements of Wellness Conference1 Elements of Wellness Conference2 Elements of Wellness Conference3 Elements of Wellness Conference4 Elements of Wellness Conference5 Elements of Wellness Conference6 Elements of Wellness Conference7 Elements of Wellness Conference8 Elements of Wellness Conference9 Elements of Wellness Conference10 Elements of Wellness Conference11 Elements of Wellness Conference12 Elements of Wellness Conference13 Elements of Wellness Conference14 Elements of Wellness Conference15 Elements of Wellness Conference16 Elements of Wellness Conference17 Elements of Wellness Conference18 Elements of Wellness Conference19 Elements of Wellness Conference20 Elements of Wellness Conference21 Elements of Wellness Conference22 Elements of Wellness Conference23 Elements of Wellness Conference24 Elements of Wellness Conference25 Elements of Wellness Conference26 Elements of Wellness Conference27 Elements of Wellness Conference28 Elements of Wellness Conference29 Elements of Wellness Conference30 Elements of Wellness Conference31 Elements of Wellness Conference32 Elements of Wellness Conference33 Elements of Wellness Conference34 Elements of Wellness Conference35 Elements of Wellness Conference36 Elements of Wellness Conference37 Elements of Wellness Conference38 Elements of Wellness Conference39 Elements of Wellness Conference40 Elements of Wellness Conference41 Elements of Wellness Conference42 Elements of Wellness Conference43 Elements of Wellness Conference44 Elements of Wellness Conference45 Elements of Wellness Conference46 Elements of Wellness Conference47 Elements of Wellness Conference48 Elements of Wellness Conference49 Elements of Wellness Conference50 Elements of Wellness Conference51 Elements of Wellness Conference52 Elements of Wellness Conference53 Elements of Wellness Conference54 Elements of Wellness Conference55 Elements of Wellness Conference56 Elements of Wellness Conference57 Elements of Wellness Conference58 Elements of Wellness Conference59 Elements of Wellness Conference60 Elements of Wellness Conference61 Elements of Wellness Conference62 Elements of Wellness Conference63 Elements of Wellness Conference64 EOW video

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EOW conference prizes1 EOW conference prizes2 EOW conference prizes3 EOW conference prizes4 EOW conference prizes6 EOW conference prizes7 EOW conference prizes8 EOW conference prizes9 EOW conference prizes10 EOW conference prizes11 EOW conference prizes12 EOW conference prizes13 EOW conference prizes14 EOW conference prizes15 EOW conference prizes16 EOW conference prizes17 EOW conference prizes18 EOW conference prizes19 EOW conference prizes20 EOW conference prizes21

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Macro Pot Luck Dinner Party Pictures…

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Jeanne’s teaching at Full O’ Life Market in Burbank! 3/6-3/7 & MORE!

Macrobiotic Nutrition Classes

- this week featuring –
Springtime Cooking
The season of the tree, of the upward rising energy. A time to cleanse and nourish the liver and gall bladder. We will be creating a “Meal-all-in-one” dish that is truly satisfying. And a drink designed to spring clean the liver.

Wednesday evening, 6-7pm
March 6th
Thursday morning 8:30-9:30am
March 7th
$15 per class

Full O’ Life Market
2515 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank  91505

Yoga “Flow” Class

Friday Mornings
9:30 – 10:30am
$15 per class

For optimal health you must move the body!

Que Linda Studio
3608 Foothill Blvd, LaCrescenta  91214

Ginger Compress Sessions Now Available!

We are very happy to announce that we have collaborated with Body & Soul Massage Therapy of Que Linda Studio and we have trained Emma how to do a Macrobiotic ginger compress. And we have been lucky enough to have experienced it many times ourselves!

Do you have stiff, tense shoulders, a kidney stone, fatty liver or cellulite that you would like to work on melting – than this is your opportunity to get at it!

Call Emma to schedule an
appointment (818)621-1037

$80 for a one hour session,
includes ginger compress and related
area massage

Que Linda Studio
3608 Foothill Blvd, LaCrescenta  91214

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