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Natural Agriculture Conference, Pasadena CA – Feb. 15th

natural agriculture conference 2015


Jeanne here. I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to teach two cooking classes at this year’s event. AND it is on my birthday – it will be a fun day!

Natural Agriculture Conference
Sunday, February 15th
9:30am – Registration Opens
10:00am – 4:30pm – Conference

Admission is free.

I will be teaching two 60 minute Macrobiotic cooking classes in the afternoon:
1:30pm – “Seasonal Balance”
2:45pm – “Natural Home Remedies”

- check out the schedule and make sure to register if you wish to attend the event. And if you want food samples at my cooking classes make sure to check my classes on the registration form, this guarantees you get a taste of the recipes I will be making.


at Shumei America
2430 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 9110

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“Elements of Wellness” Natural Health Conference Pictures!

Elements of Wellness Conference Elements of Wellness Conference1 Elements of Wellness Conference2 Elements of Wellness Conference3 Elements of Wellness Conference4 Elements of Wellness Conference5 Elements of Wellness Conference6 Elements of Wellness Conference7 Elements of Wellness Conference8 Elements of Wellness Conference9 Elements of Wellness Conference10 Elements of Wellness Conference11 Elements of Wellness Conference12 Elements of Wellness Conference13 Elements of Wellness Conference14 Elements of Wellness Conference15 Elements of Wellness Conference16 Elements of Wellness Conference17 Elements of Wellness Conference18 Elements of Wellness Conference19 Elements of Wellness Conference20 Elements of Wellness Conference21 Elements of Wellness Conference22 Elements of Wellness Conference23 Elements of Wellness Conference24 Elements of Wellness Conference25 Elements of Wellness Conference26 Elements of Wellness Conference27 Elements of Wellness Conference28 Elements of Wellness Conference29 Elements of Wellness Conference30 Elements of Wellness Conference31 Elements of Wellness Conference32 Elements of Wellness Conference33 Elements of Wellness Conference34 Elements of Wellness Conference35 Elements of Wellness Conference36 Elements of Wellness Conference37 Elements of Wellness Conference38 Elements of Wellness Conference39 Elements of Wellness Conference40 Elements of Wellness Conference41 Elements of Wellness Conference42 Elements of Wellness Conference43 Elements of Wellness Conference44 Elements of Wellness Conference45 Elements of Wellness Conference46 Elements of Wellness Conference47 Elements of Wellness Conference48 Elements of Wellness Conference49 Elements of Wellness Conference50 Elements of Wellness Conference51 Elements of Wellness Conference52 Elements of Wellness Conference53 Elements of Wellness Conference54 Elements of Wellness Conference55 Elements of Wellness Conference56 Elements of Wellness Conference57 Elements of Wellness Conference58 Elements of Wellness Conference59 Elements of Wellness Conference60 Elements of Wellness Conference61 Elements of Wellness Conference62 Elements of Wellness Conference63 Elements of Wellness Conference64 EOW video

david briscoe EOW class1 david briscoe EOW class2 david briscoe EOW class3 david briscoe EOW class4 david briscoe EOW class5 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class1 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class2 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class3 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class4 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class5 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class6 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class7 jessica porter EOW class1 jessica porter EOW class2 jessica porter EOW class3 jessica porter EOW class4 jessica porter EOW class5 kaare bursell EOW class1 kaare bursell EOW class2 kaare bursell EOW class3 kaare bursell EOW class4 kaare bursell EOW class5 ron peters EOW class1 ron peters EOW class2 ron peters EOW class3 ron peters EOW class4 sanae suzuki EOE class1 sanae suzuki EOE class2 sanae suzuki EOE class3 sanae suzuki EOE class4 sanae suzuki EOE class5 sanae suzuki EOE class6 sanae suzuki EOE class7 sanae suzuki EOE class8 vesna peters EOW class1 vesna peters EOW class2 vesna peters EOW class3 vesna peters EOW class4 william spear EOW class1 william spear EOW class2 william spear EOW class3 william spear EOW class4


EOW conference prizes1 EOW conference prizes2 EOW conference prizes3 EOW conference prizes4 EOW conference prizes6 EOW conference prizes7 EOW conference prizes8 EOW conference prizes9 EOW conference prizes10 EOW conference prizes11 EOW conference prizes12 EOW conference prizes13 EOW conference prizes14 EOW conference prizes15 EOW conference prizes16 EOW conference prizes17 EOW conference prizes18 EOW conference prizes19 EOW conference prizes20 EOW conference prizes21

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“Elements of Wellness” Conference Time – Menu and More!


Whatever disease is ailing you or your loved ones can be healed with wholesome natural foods and a new way of thinking!


Natural Health Conference
Saturday, November 9th
Cross Campus – Santa Monica

Industry EXPERTS will guide you on your path to great health
and a delicious, organic, plant-based, gluten-free lunch is included too!
Check out our menu:

Black Turtle Bean and White Yam Salad
Fall Harvest Brown Rice Medley
Herb Infused Roasted Roots
Tossed Kale in Sunflower Seed Dressing
Hand-cut Homemade Sauerkraut

Autumn Spiced Squash Pie

Kukicha Tea and Spring Water

For more information, class schedules, registration and more:

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BONUS Time! Register NOW for the “Elements of Wellness” Conference


Register Now and Get More!

Attend EOW Conference and get a
90 minute Teleconference Class BONUS too!

Register for the “Elements of Wellness” Natural Health Conference by October 21st and receive admission to a 90 minute teleconference class featuring Jeanne Grosset’s “Tips and Tricks for Good Health During the Holidays”, followed by Q&A from participants. You can be anywhere for this BONUS class as long as you have a phone! And if you miss the live call you will also have access to its recording to listen to at your leisure, following the event.

The live teleconference class will be on Thursday, November 21st at 10am.

If you have already registered for the conference – you get the bonus too!


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Natural Health Classes This Week! October 2nd and 3rd…

Natural Health Cooking Class

Can you believe it is officially October today! Where does the time go?
I bet you can still remember making that New Year’s Eve resolution that this year you would turn around your health… how’s that going?
It’s not too late!

We have three months before us, and yes they do involve holidays but you can do both – get healthy and enjoy life too…
It’s time!

Come join Jeanne and learn how to empower yourself with the knowledge of whole foods, seasonal cooking and energetic balance.
Take back your health – naturally!

Big Pot Soup
– supports weight loss and cleansing, creates vitalizing and grounding energy
Heart Warming Lemon Alixir
– promotes circulation, increases energy, warming, calming

Wednesday evening, 6-7pm, October 2th
Thursday morning 8:30-9:30am, October 3th
$15 per class

Full O’ Life Market
2515 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank


Natural Health Conference

Saturday, November 9th
9am – 5pm

Check out our website!


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