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Jeanne’s New eBook! Pre-sale Special on iBooks…

I am very excited to announce that my first eBook
“Fit & Trim for Life – 7 Keys to Success”
will be available for pre-sale starting today on iBooks!

To celebrate I am offering a special
pre-sale price of only 99¢.

F&T eBook FINAL Cover w border

Buy now through December 6th for this sweet deal!

On December 7th my official book sale begins and
the price will jump up to $5.99.


Your pre-sale purchase will help get my book out to the world.
If we generate big sales we will make the day’s best seller’s list when
the book goes live. Which would be totally awesome!
Please note the Amazon version is soon to come.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to writing many more books
supporting happy, healthy lives.

Happy Holiday!

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A stellar new testimonial!


“Hi Jeanne,

Things are going well, better than well actually.  Going macrobiotic has been life changing for me!  I ‘m a pretty confident and successful person, but the truth is; underneath the exterior there has always been a vibration of nervousness, insecurity, a mild hysteria even.  I’ve spent a lifetime covering those emotions and feeling “less than” because of it.  

Since dropping all stimulants and becoming acquainted with the life force in whole foods, I find an exquisite inner calm, one I’ve never known before.  A balance.  An ability to be in present time, as my whole self, without worry.    

I am in love with whole food.  It’s alive, it vibrates, it is so very happy to serve.  In the midst of cooking and healing myself,  I pulled in the job of my dreams.  Still in early stages and negotiations, it has kept me wall to wall busy– but the diet has grounded me, and where once I would surly be stressed, worrying myself with questions like “will it work out?”  “Can I really do it?” “Do I have the strength and stamina to not compromise my health with the challenges?”  All that I feel is profound  joy and gratitude,  about the events unfolding.

Thank you, thank you, for your council.

Thank you also to dear Patrick for his beautiful food.

I came to you with alarming high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  I had experienced what they called a mini stroke because of this.  I was put on blood pressure meds immediately because I was up in the 150-160 levels.  I am currently off all meds, my blood pressure is consistently 120/80.  My blood sugar is normal.  I feel like I have a new lease on life.  This took about a month.

I am forever grateful.

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YouTube Video “Elements of Wellness” Conference – Kaare Bursell

Elements of Wellness Logo w sun.sm2

A new YouTube video from our “Elements of Wellness Natural Health Conference”by Kaare Bursell on the topic of Obesity.


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“Elements of Wellness” Natural Health Conference Pictures!

Elements of Wellness Conference Elements of Wellness Conference1 Elements of Wellness Conference2 Elements of Wellness Conference3 Elements of Wellness Conference4 Elements of Wellness Conference5 Elements of Wellness Conference6 Elements of Wellness Conference7 Elements of Wellness Conference8 Elements of Wellness Conference9 Elements of Wellness Conference10 Elements of Wellness Conference11 Elements of Wellness Conference12 Elements of Wellness Conference13 Elements of Wellness Conference14 Elements of Wellness Conference15 Elements of Wellness Conference16 Elements of Wellness Conference17 Elements of Wellness Conference18 Elements of Wellness Conference19 Elements of Wellness Conference20 Elements of Wellness Conference21 Elements of Wellness Conference22 Elements of Wellness Conference23 Elements of Wellness Conference24 Elements of Wellness Conference25 Elements of Wellness Conference26 Elements of Wellness Conference27 Elements of Wellness Conference28 Elements of Wellness Conference29 Elements of Wellness Conference30 Elements of Wellness Conference31 Elements of Wellness Conference32 Elements of Wellness Conference33 Elements of Wellness Conference34 Elements of Wellness Conference35 Elements of Wellness Conference36 Elements of Wellness Conference37 Elements of Wellness Conference38 Elements of Wellness Conference39 Elements of Wellness Conference40 Elements of Wellness Conference41 Elements of Wellness Conference42 Elements of Wellness Conference43 Elements of Wellness Conference44 Elements of Wellness Conference45 Elements of Wellness Conference46 Elements of Wellness Conference47 Elements of Wellness Conference48 Elements of Wellness Conference49 Elements of Wellness Conference50 Elements of Wellness Conference51 Elements of Wellness Conference52 Elements of Wellness Conference53 Elements of Wellness Conference54 Elements of Wellness Conference55 Elements of Wellness Conference56 Elements of Wellness Conference57 Elements of Wellness Conference58 Elements of Wellness Conference59 Elements of Wellness Conference60 Elements of Wellness Conference61 Elements of Wellness Conference62 Elements of Wellness Conference63 Elements of Wellness Conference64 EOW video

david briscoe EOW class1 david briscoe EOW class2 david briscoe EOW class3 david briscoe EOW class4 david briscoe EOW class5 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class1 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class2 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class3 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class4 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class5 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class6 jeanne.patrick grosset EOW class7 jessica porter EOW class1 jessica porter EOW class2 jessica porter EOW class3 jessica porter EOW class4 jessica porter EOW class5 kaare bursell EOW class1 kaare bursell EOW class2 kaare bursell EOW class3 kaare bursell EOW class4 kaare bursell EOW class5 ron peters EOW class1 ron peters EOW class2 ron peters EOW class3 ron peters EOW class4 sanae suzuki EOE class1 sanae suzuki EOE class2 sanae suzuki EOE class3 sanae suzuki EOE class4 sanae suzuki EOE class5 sanae suzuki EOE class6 sanae suzuki EOE class7 sanae suzuki EOE class8 vesna peters EOW class1 vesna peters EOW class2 vesna peters EOW class3 vesna peters EOW class4 william spear EOW class1 william spear EOW class2 william spear EOW class3 william spear EOW class4


EOW conference prizes1 EOW conference prizes2 EOW conference prizes3 EOW conference prizes4 EOW conference prizes6 EOW conference prizes7 EOW conference prizes8 EOW conference prizes9 EOW conference prizes10 EOW conference prizes11 EOW conference prizes12 EOW conference prizes13 EOW conference prizes14 EOW conference prizes15 EOW conference prizes16 EOW conference prizes17 EOW conference prizes18 EOW conference prizes19 EOW conference prizes20 EOW conference prizes21

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Drum Circle This Saturday!

rhythm quest

“Drum Your Destiny:
How to Reset Your Rhythm & Rewrite Your Future”

Our friend Dr. Giavanni Washington, creator of RhythmQuest, is presenting a new rhythm-based workshop event that we are creating delicious organic vegan lunch for this Saturday!

Drum Your Destiny is an innovative workshop designed to help participants get out of their heads and return to their hearts. Dr. Giavanni is uniquely qualified to facilitate workshop participants identify the beliefs that keep them trapped in old, frustrating, success-blocking habits. Dr. Giavanni and RhythmQuest promote transformation. You’ll get your groove on and Get Free!

No previous drumming, music, or writing experience is necessary. This will be a drumming/writing experience like you’ve never had. Just bring your willing hands and your open heart!

This incredible $57 workshop includes: facilitated drum circles, guided writing exercises, drum rental, and a delicious, organic, vegan lunch. Can you believe that? Because of space constraints, seating is limited. However, Dr. Giavanni is so excited about this event and its content, that she has given me the special link below where you can register yourself and friend for $67! That’s right! You can bring a friend for an additional $10.

Hurry! Registration is limited…
Click the link below and join us for an amazing day!

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