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Chew! Macrobiotic Meals – this week’s menu 3.29.15

Chew! Macrobiotic Meals

Here are most of the dishes we created for this week. I admit we forgot to take a few picts of some yummy dishes, (four to be exact). With all the cooking going on the kitchen was a buzz – – sometimes we just forgot to take the shot. (oops)

This is a new posting that we are going to do weekly. So we promise to try harder and we will get better at getting the picts all in…

Have a great week and remember Chew! – for better health naturally.

baked squash

Baked patty pan squash and onions.

beets onions

Roasted beets (four kinds).

herb dressing

Herb dressing – basil, cilantro and parsley.

kidney bean red onion umeboshi

Marinated red kidney beans salad with umeboshi dressing.

millet loaf

Millet loaf with whole grain mustard.

mustard snap peas turnip

Boiled Salad of snap peas and root veggies.

onion gravy

Onion tamari gravy.

pinto beans red cabbage

Pinto beans and red cabbage salad.

quinoa radish salad

Golden quiona with radish and scallions.

radish kholrahbi dulse

Raw – kolhrabi, radish and dulse (seaweed).

raw butter lettuce salad

Raw – Butter lettuce with purple carrot, celery and chive.

raw carrot celery

Raw – marinated celery and carrots.

raw kale beet

Raw – kale, beets and radish salad.

red lentil dahl

Red lentil and golden beets.

stir fried brown rice

Golden rose rice with fennel.

turmeric brocolli

Brocolli and Tokyo turnip boiled salad with turmeric.

veggie soup

Veggie puree.

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Chew! Meals Package – Pickup Fresh Food on Sundays in Burbank

Chew! logo - 7th Element Services

macrobiotic meals package

now available for pickup every Sunday at
Full O’ Life Market in Burbank
(store hours 9:30am – 6pm)

our macrobiotic meals package defined…

- we use organic whole foods
– balanced to cleanse and nurture your body
– we do all our cooking from scratch
– fresh produce from our local farmer’s market
– seasonal recipes for our LA weather
– using top of the line ingredients

package includes:

4 whole grain dishes (gluten free)
4 bean dishes
12 veggie dishes (8 cooked, 4 raw)
salad dressing
gravy or sauce

- grains and beans in 16oz containers, veggies 8oz

grain + bean + veggies = instant macro meal!

This package gives you the freedom to mix up your daily menu with healthy ready-to-go dishes.
Great for meals and snacks!

NO frozen foods. NO preservatives. NO chemicals, additives or coloring.
NO processed foods. NO cans.

Please note: We use nuts and seeds in our kitchen.

single order $200

double order – $330 (get twice the food and save!)

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Spring Has Sprung! – Body Reset Cleanse Time – Save $100!

spring has sprung

Now is the perfect time to do a cleanse!

The weather is warming up and soon enough it will be time to pull out the bathing suit and hot weather clothing.

Not happy with the way you look and feel?
In only 28 days you can change all that.

Our new Body Reset Cleanse program on is a whole new approach to turning your health around, getting back to fit, trim and thriving!

The program is designed for rapid weight loss and it really works! Improving your well being with a strengthened immune support, a stronger digestive system, steady blood sugar regulation and so much more. It really is not just a cleanse but a whole body reset for a better, healthier future ahead.

Celebrate the coming of Spring with a new start and save $100!
coupon code: SpringCleanse

(Enter coupon code at online shopping checkout. Offer good through April 30th, 2015.)

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FREE Cooking Workshop – Rochester NY, Saturday May 2nd

Elements of Wellness

“Spring Cleaning”
Natural Health Workshop
Assisi Institute, 1400 N. Winton Road, Rochester, NY 14609
Saturday, May 2nd
9am – 12pm

Come explore the incredible healing powers of natural
whole foods in this FREE cooking workshop!

Open your eyes up to the many benefits of plant-based
foundational foods for a long, happy, healthy life.

Creating good health starts in your own kitchen!
Simple changes for big results.

Doors open – 8:30am
Cooking Demo – 9am to 12pm
doors close 2pm…

The event is FREE. Register now to save your spot!

Jeanne Grosset specializes in guiding people on the natural path to good health.

With an approach to self healing that is based on organic whole foods,
gluten free grains and a mainly plant based diet that is free of chemicals.

Empower yourself with the knowledge of foundational foods
to create better health naturally. Promoting and boosting
your bodies ability to self heal.

Rid yourself of the daily aches and pains, get to your desired
weight. Turn around degenerative conditions and thrive!

It is simpler than you think. Come join in and let Jeanne will show you how.

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Natural Agriculture Conference, Pasadena CA – Feb. 15th

natural agriculture conference 2015


Jeanne here. I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to teach two cooking classes at this year’s event. AND it is on my birthday – it will be a fun day!

Natural Agriculture Conference
Sunday, February 15th
9:30am – Registration Opens
10:00am – 4:30pm – Conference

Admission is free.

I will be teaching two 60 minute Macrobiotic cooking classes in the afternoon:
1:30pm – “Seasonal Balance”
2:45pm – “Natural Home Remedies”

- check out the schedule and make sure to register if you wish to attend the event. And if you want food samples at my cooking classes make sure to check my classes on the registration form, this guarantees you get a taste of the recipes I will be making.

at Shumei America
2430 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 9110

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