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“Wellness Day” in Rochester, NY – Saturday, Nov. 22nd


Assisi Wellness Day 2014

A Holistic Wellness Fair

Living wholly is to live fully. Living a full life requires a careful tending to our mental, physical, and spiritual health needs. Through holistic wellness practices, we can nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits. Progressive holistic practices are complimentary to conventional medicine and therapy, and those open to them have benefited greatly.

In the spirit of good health and exploration, we invite you to a special day of wellness. Many practitioners will be on hand to share their approaches to holistic living. This event is also a fundraiser for The Assisi Institute, and the featured practitioners are providing some wonderful raffle prizes for you to bid on!

Exhibitors & Presenters
• Massage Therapy
• Chiropractic Care
• Reiki
• Yoga
• Ayurveda
• Yoga Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Mindfulness Training
• Real Life, Real Food
• Onnetsuki
• Naturopath
• Antioxidants
• Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils
• Nutritional Supplements
• Health Coaching
• & much more!

Date & Times
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
9AM to 5PM

Free! (Donations greatly appreciated!)

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A stellar new testimonial!


“Hi Jeanne,

Things are going well, better than well actually.  Going macrobiotic has been life changing for me!  I ‘m a pretty confident and successful person, but the truth is; underneath the exterior there has always been a vibration of nervousness, insecurity, a mild hysteria even.  I’ve spent a lifetime covering those emotions and feeling “less than” because of it.  

Since dropping all stimulants and becoming acquainted with the life force in whole foods, I find an exquisite inner calm, one I’ve never known before.  A balance.  An ability to be in present time, as my whole self, without worry.    

I am in love with whole food.  It’s alive, it vibrates, it is so very happy to serve.  In the midst of cooking and healing myself,  I pulled in the job of my dreams.  Still in early stages and negotiations, it has kept me wall to wall busy– but the diet has grounded me, and where once I would surly be stressed, worrying myself with questions like “will it work out?”  “Can I really do it?” “Do I have the strength and stamina to not compromise my health with the challenges?”  All that I feel is profound  joy and gratitude,  about the events unfolding.

Thank you, thank you, for your council.

Thank you also to dear Patrick for his beautiful food.

I came to you with alarming high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  I had experienced what they called a mini stroke because of this.  I was put on blood pressure meds immediately because I was up in the 150-160 levels.  I am currently off all meds, my blood pressure is consistently 120/80.  My blood sugar is normal.  I feel like I have a new lease on life.  This took about a month.

I am forever grateful.

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Pot Luck Party – Saturday, September 13th

Pot Luck Dishes - 7th Element Services

Pot Luck Party

Saturday, September 13th 5pm at our home in LaCrescenta…

for more information please email us at or call 818-512-9195

Hope to see you there!

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What have we been up to in 2014?

stay tuned

2014 has been a very exciting year for us!

This year we have shifted gears away from teaching public classes. We have sat down, put on our thinking caps and decided that for us to reach more people that it is time to make our work accessible online. Helping guide and support those who need our natural health teachings to create a healthy, happy existence – outside of Los Angeles.

So as much as we love teaching live we have been very busy creating programs and resources that will soon be accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the privacy of your own computer. It is so exciting!

Stay tuned we will be announcing our new programs shortly…
And if you are on our email list you will receive special deals and bonus offers for these great new programs! (These offers will not be presented to the public so get on our email list to save.)

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“Making Life More Delicious” with Verne Varona – Tues. 25th 7pm

7th Element Services of Los Angeles
Invites You To An Evening Of Inspiration, Insight & Laughter


“Making Life More Delicious,
Bite by Bite” with Verne Varona


Evening Talk:
Tuesday, February 25th
7:15 — 9:45pm

Whole Food Nutrition – Creating A Diet To Fit Your Needs
Eliminating Cravings for Sugar, Overeating & Fatty Foods
Self-Diagnosis – Learning To Evaluate Our Health Before Problems Arise
Real News On Reversing and Preventing Degenerative Disease
Audience Q & A – Making It Personalized

The Philosophical Research Society
3910 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Attendance Limited:
$20 early registration
$25 at the door

OR telephone Jeanne to reserve your spot: 818-512-9195
Verne Varona has become known as one of the most captivating and dynamic health educators in the country. For forty years, his lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health. Verne’s appeal transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. A highly sought after speaker on health, fitness and motivation, Verne has become a renowned keynote speaker throughout the US and Europe with a captivating style that uses insight, humor and practical science to enrich the lives of many. His new book revision, “Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods, will be published in May, 2014 (Perigee Books). This will be his only Los Angeles visit during 2014.

macro for dummies - vernenatures cancer fighting foods - verne

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