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Chew! Macrobiotic Meal Packs – menu 5.17.15

Happy Sunday!

Here are the fresh dishes we have prepared for the Macro Meal Packs this week.

yellow beets

Baked yellow beets with dulse.

string beans and carrot saute

Green bean and carrot saute.

stir fried brown rice and veggies

Stir fried brown rice and veggies.

red leaf salad with yellow beets

Raw – Red leaf salad with yellow beets and celery.

red beet and quinoa salad

Red beets and quinoa salad.

raw zuchini salad

Raw – Zuchini with sesame parsley dressing.

radish celery and brocolli

Heirloom radishes, broccoli and pumpkin seed with cilantro dressing.

radish and dulse

Raw – Marinated radish and leek salad.

purple carrot minestrone

Purple carrots and veggie soup.


argula and seed salad

Raw – Wild arugula and spring mix salad with pumpkin seed crunch.

purple carrot kinpira

Purple carrot kinpira.

pinto bean chili

Pinto bean chili.

paprika patty pan

Paprika patty pan squash.

kidney beans and red cabbage

Red cabbage and kidney bean salad.

daikon and black sesame

Turnips with black sesame seeds.

buckwheat salad

Buckwheat salad with herb creme dressing.

boiled salad

Snow pea and squash boiled salad.

adzuki bean saute

Adzuki bean saute.

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New SUNDAY BRUNCH at Full O’ Life Market in Burbank!

7th Element Brunch


Check out our new menu!

Chew Brunch Menu 5.10.15

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Chew! Macrobiotic Meal Packs – menu 5.10.15

black radish

Black radish.

colorful chard

The colorful chard for our raw salad…

black eyed pea soup

Black eyes pea soup with purple carrots.

basil dressing

Basil salad dressing.

cooking soup

Cooking up all the fresh dishes…

frisee and beet salad

Frisee and yellow beet salad.

heirloom radish

Clean heirloom radishes, veggie prepping…

white beans

white string beans and leeks

veggie puree

Veggie puree.

root kinpira

Root veggie kinpira.


Turmeric turnips.

rice pilaf

Brown rice pilaf.

red beet sauce

Red beet sauce for millet loaf.

sauteed cabbage

Sauteed red cabbage and yellow beets.

raw zuchini garlic

Raw garlic and zucchini.

quinoa salad

Quinoa salad with leek, carrot and beets.

raw chard salad

Raw chard and fennel salad.

millet and carrot loaf

Millet and carrot loaf.

pressed radish salad

Pressed radish, celery and radish.

refried kidney and pinto beans

Refried kidney and pinto beans.

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Chew! Macrobiotic Meal Packs – menu 5.3.15

sessame and herb dressing

Sesame cilantro dressing.


Coleslaw with pecan dressing.

pressed salad

Radish and celery pressed salad.

arame and squash

Arame and squashes.

fired rice

Fried rice.

green beans

Green bean saute.

baked root veggies

Roasted root veggies with peppers.

pinto beans

Refried pinto beans.

quinoa salad

Quinoa salad.

lentil dahl

Lentil dahl.

boiled salad

Boiled salad of red beets and celery.

mixed greens with beets

Mixed greens with red beets.

root veggie puree

Root veggie puree.

black bean and turnip

Black beans with turnips.

onion fondue

Onion fondue.

buckwheat salad

Buckwheat salad.

pressed radish and butter lettuce

Pressed radish with butter lettuce salad.

miilet and leek stew

Millet and leek stew.

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Chew! Macrobiotic Meals – menu 4.26.15

buckwheat salad

Buckwheat salad with root veggies and raisins.

broccoli salad

Boiled salad with broccoli and turnip.


Daikon and onion nishime.

carrot celery and raisin

Carrot, celery and raisin pressed salad with dulse.

greens with radish salad

Mixed greens salad with shredded radish.

pressed cabbage salad

Pressed cabbage salad with celery.

Butter lettuce with marinated beets

Butter lettuce with marinated beets.

minestrone soup

Navy bean minestrone.

millet soup

Millet and sweet veggie soup.

sunflower and herb dressing

Sunflower seed and basil dressing.

black eyed peas

Black eyes peas and turnips.

arame saute

Arame seaweed, zuchini and squash saute.

quinoa salad

Quinoa salad with root veggies and scallions.

split pea soup

The best split pea soup in the whole world!

yellow beets

Yellow beets.


Chili with a bit of a kick. Yum!

baked carrots

Baked heirloom carrots, (purple, yellow and orange).

stir fried brown rice

Stir fried brown rice with purple carrots and scallions.

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